Catered to connect the next generation of employees and business owners, L1NDA is redefining how work works.

With an online ecosystem of smart tools and services, we’ve created a platform that removes the stress of managing employees and suppliers for any kind of business.

As our product continues to meet the demands of the industry, we’re experiencing significant growth. And with that growth comes the need for top notch talents.

We work close and smart, with a talented young ambitious team that is determined to make extraordinary moments and innovative products. Did you know that every day 100.000 hours are worked with L1NDA? We dream of internationally making ‘work’ the most passionate life activity you can think of.

We're looking for

the most wonderful:

Commercial Manager
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Back-end (Python) Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands



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We made ‘making L1NDA a great place to work’ one of our key company Objectives for 2018. And although we know that having fun at work is very important, we know there’s more to work than that. Being a great company means working with great people, in an inspiring way on ambitious projects!

We pursue this ‘great place to work’ by living up to our values, not only on company level, but also at department level. We have frequent 1:1’s to know what’s up and work hard on defining and agreeing on our work habits: how we want to work together. We continually monitor and measure our cultural state in OfficeVibe, which gives us directions on what to improve.

Every week we come together where any colleague can give talks or presentations to the team related to our field and work. Every month we come together to discuss last month’s results and to look ahead on what’s next.

Lines are short and honest and we like to stay open minded and work as one team. We believe that's how we win, how we can react fast in our competitive market and how make Shiny Magic Moments happen.

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Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Flexible work understanding, based on trust and accountability
  • Inclusive, informal and ambitious team in a growing tech environment with plenty of room for both personal and professional development
  • Work for ambitious company goals - We want to change people’s lives here, come on!
  • Great office space in the heart of Amsterdam (Leidsestraat)
  • Yes, yes, yes! we pay your travel costs, get over here damn it!
  • We provide you a shiny MacBook to work on
  • Free healthy lunch, unhealthy drinks, team events

Living the life in the ❤ of Amsterdam

Shopaholics, eat your heart out


Leidsestraat 32
1017 PB

“The next generation of workers will irreversibly change the way work 'works'. L1NDA's team and products proudly drive this change.”

- Wouter Suren -

Co-founder and CEO of L1NDA